Remembrance tourism


  • The Battle of the Bulge from the point of view of the US 3rd Army
    “The offensive of the Ardennes, Hitler’s last attempt in the West, began on 16 December 1944. 3 German armies attacked the American defence lines between Montjoie in the North and Echternach in the South with the mission to reach Brussels and Antwerp…”


  • Urban touristic path : The first written mention of Ettelbruck dates back to 901, when Bruotbert and his wife Cunégonde, members of the Frankish nobility, bequeathed their property in “Hettilbrucka” to the Benedictine abbey of Echternach. Until the French Revolution, the town, then known as “Hof Ettelbrück”, remained under the domination of the monks and did not have more than 300 inhabitants until the end of the 17th century. The markets organized in Ettelbruck-only one from 1609 and twelve from 1780-mark the beginning of an evolution which will elevate the locality to the rank of commercial center. This process was further encouraged by good rural access and the construction of railways after 1859. The population rose from 2795 inhabitants in 1850 to 4333 at the beginning of the 20th century, an increase which, alongside other reasons, led Grand Duke William IV to raise the town to the rank of a town in 1907. In 2009, Ettelbruck has 7800 inhabitants, 45% of whom are not of Luxembourg nationality. Among the more than fifty nations present in the city, the Portuguese community is by far the largest. Four technical high schools, two large hospitals, a music conservatory with a cultural centre, a sports hall with a capacity of up to 2000 spectators, a football stadium and more than a hundred shops and restaurants make Ettelbruck a city with a high quality of life for its inhabitants and visitors.
  • Please note that there is no parking at Patton Square. A public car park is located at the ARAL Station 200 m away.


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